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Stay protected with extra security. To ensure your device always performs at its best level, you need to look after it well. But of course with busy schedules, it's hard to that. That's where Samsung Device Security steps in - a cool feature that protects your device from unsafe practices. Features Make passwords visible: Display password characters briefly as you type them. Security policy updates: Automatically or manually check for security policy updates. Send security reports: Send security reports to Samsung via Wi-Fi for threat analysis. Device administrators: Manage your device administrators and application installation privileges. Storage type: Select a storage location for credential contents. View security certificates: Display certificates in your device's ROM and other certificates you have installed. User certificates: View user certificates. Install from device storage: Install a new certificate from storage. Clear credentials: Erase the credential contents from the device and reset the password. Trust Agents: Perform selected actions when trusted devices are connected. To view Trust Agents, set up a screen lock (Password, PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint). Pin windows: Pin an app on your device screen, preventing access to other features of your phone. Usage data access: View the applications that can access your device's usage history. Notification access: View the applications that can access notifications you receive on your phone. Do not disturb permission: View which apps have permission to change the Do not disturb settings.

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